Wednesday, November 28

Saucy Red Cross Boss Tossed

My new intern thought it was cute that the New York Post used the headline, "Saucy Red Cross Boss Tossed."

I responded by telling him that he should forget about taking a lunch break today. We have a busy day ahead of us so I went ahead and chained his leg to the desk so that he wouldn't be distracted. I told him if he finds any good angles to the Red Cross story, I will throw him some scraps when I get back from my lunch break.

For me, the most interesting part of the Red Cross story was the irony that Everson's wife is powerhouse lawyer Nanette Rupka Everson - once the chief ethics counsel for the Bush White House. The NY Post points out, "in that high-profile post, she vetted the kind of conduct issues that cost her husband his latest job."

It has also come to my attention to the board learned of Everson's affair from "a senior executive" and he was presented with the "evidence" in front of the full Board.

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