Wednesday, November 28

Will Red Cross scandal impact fundraising?

Stephanie Strom at the New York Times adds more to the Red Cross story. She reports that Suzy C. DeFrancis, chief public affairs officer for the Red Cross, was told that there had been no threat of a lawsuit. The article also writes:

Since he joined the Red Cross at the end of May, Mr. Everson had traveled around the country, visiting chapters and blood services operations and courting donors. He set ambitious fund-raising targets and, in a conversation about eight weeks ago, said he was concerned about declining donations.
There is also a quote from Trent Stamp at Charity Navigator who said, “This will affect fund-raising, organizational morale and public trust in this organization, which is already dangerously low."


Carl said...

The scandal of Red Cross is not of the sex, but the shameless robbing of the donations practiced by the top executives--half a million dollars per year for its CEO! They are blood suckers, sucking the blood from the wounded and dying all around the world, sucking the blood from donors' arteries!

"a fundraiser" said...

That's pretty harsh Carl. While this is a serious scandal, the Red Cross does a lot of excellent work... and the truth is, I have always believed that nonprofits need to pay competitive salaries to attract and retain top talent.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was furious when I read on the internet that the ARC CEO was "earning" $650,000.00 per year after donating $100.00 to Haiti. I was/am a red cross volunteer since Katrina and saw first-hand the waste that occurs. I am still furious, ashamed and embarrassed that these "blood suckers" exist. I still can not reconcile myself to these practices and am considering pulling out myself, especially since I have injured my back and can no longer perform the "back breaking" work required of a mass shelter volunteer. I am totally disgusted. Just had to get this off my mind since I no longer qualify for the work I was performing. Sue Callahan, San Luis Obispo, CA