Saturday, September 16

658,172 pounds of M&M's

The Savy Giver blog posted yesterday on the new pink flavor as part of a fundraising partnership between M&M's and The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Now through the end of October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, M&M'S Brand will donate 35 cents on 14-ounce packages and 50 cents 21.3 ounce packages to Komen with a minimum donation of $250,000.
The direct marketer inside me couldn't resist calculating the rate M&M's is paying as 2.374 cents for every ounce of M&Ms. So don't tell the donor, but that means we will have to eat 10,530,749 ounces or (as the title of this post suggests) 658,172 pounds of candy to fulfill this corporate goal.

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