Tuesday, November 27

Word of Red Cross leader's resignation travels quickly

Late this afternoon, the Red Cross Board of Governors announced on their website that President and CEO Mark W. Everson would be stepping down because of a 'personal relationship.'

It's only been a couple hours and already Google is showing 288 news stories.

Lucky for you, I finally got an intern at Don't Tell The Donor to boss around. I ordered him to read every single story. He rolled his eyes and refused... but at least he gave me this:

CNN points out in their coverage that Everson is 53 years old, was paid $500,000-per-year, and perhaps most interesting:

The organization became aware of Everson's relationship with a female Red Cross employee 10 days ago, Chief Public Affairs Officer Suzy C. DeFrancis told CNN in a telephone interview.
Bloomberg describes Everson's previous professional experience as commissioner of the IRS and they reveal personal details about his family:

The former executive is married to Nanette Everson, a former White House lawyer under President George W. Bush who later served as general counsel of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission until last March. They have two children.
And the Nonprofit Times adds some details about emergency conference calls between the executive board and the full board. They also share some rumors of favored replacements:

The rumors of his replacement are already humming. One name is that of Frances Fragos Townsend, who recently stepped down as an advisor at the federal Department of Homeland Security and who was talked about as a possible CEO before Everson.
I'll post more coverage as soon my surprising lazy intern gets through some more articles. Email me if you have any tips about this story or if you have any suggestions on how I can intimidate my intern into working harder and faster.


Mike Hagel said...

I found this shocking story about his work at the IRS:


Anonymous said...

They've had so many leadership changes it has to hurt their ability to conduct long term strategic planning. Imagine the impact a change like this has on Congressional leaders who provide so much funding to the Red Cross... such a shame.

Carl said...

The CEO of Red Cross has been paid half a million dollars a year from donations intended to help the world's needest. What is wrong with our country?

Anonymous said...

you have an intern? it doesn't sound like you are treating him well. how can i apply?

Anonymous said...

Carl comment is easy to make when one does not have a clue what it takes to run a larger organization. I am not taking a stance on whether Mark turned out to be worth that much but have you looked at the stats of the Red Cross. They play a critical role for our country and need our support during this time.

Carl said...

The CEOs of charity organizations, such as of Red Cross, shall all be volunteers.
Promoting giving but at the same time practicing grabbing just won't convincing the public.

Carl said...

Yes, Red Cross needs help. The most urgent, effective help, however is a cleanse of those blood suckers at the top before to regain trust from public.
Yes, they are blood suckers, sucking the blood from the wounded and dying, sucking the blood from good hearted donors.

Carl said...

After I posted my suggestion of volunteer charity organization,I did a little bit research to see if I went too far. It is not a fantasy. It does exist:

Look for charities that are completely without paid staff or fundraiser. They exist. The Baja Project For Crippled Children, Inc is such a non-profit and has existed nearly 30 years with a completely volunteer staff. No religious organizations or interests. We go to Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras and have performed thousands of club foot operations for less than $750 each, raising money through word of mouth and working out of our homes and offices. No CEO, no secretary, no paid fundraisers or staff, no money spent for other than a few stamps, a web site, medical supplies and surgical equipment, used only for these medical missions. It all goes to help the kids born with these deformities. Our volunteers pay their own travel expenses, and that is all there is to it.

Posted by: Stan Weinstein on December 25, 2005 06:58 AM

"a fundraiser" said...

Jeez Carl.... a little harsh, no? I mean, you get what you pay for right? And for a quality organization, you need quality people, right?

Carl said...

Dear Fundraiser:

"You get what you pay for" is a trade transaction concept, but this is a charity organization. The victims have nothing to pay; the donors do not ask for any payment.

Service from quality people do not necessarily need to be purchased by big money, such as of Jimmy Carter.

Vice versa, big money can not necessarily purchase quality people. The former Red Cross CEO is a proof--The blood siphoned from his drive did not flow to the wounded all over the world, rather, to his viagra expanded greed.

Carl said...

There is a parallel between the founder of Red Cross Henry Dunant and the founder of Christianity Jesus Christ.

Both initiated a brilliant idea, both died in tragedy and from both foot steps mega organizations have been established, and systematically exploited for personal gains.

In both cases history is witnessing a process of continuous declining of spirit, sacrifice, idealism and altruism, continuous expansion of business, profit, greed and corruption.

Jesus promised to come back to take care of this mess. Will Henry come back too?