Tuesday, May 8

Giuliani gave to Planned Parenthood

Check out this article by Jonathan Martin at The Politico:

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in his campaign appearances this year has stated that he personally abhors abortion, even though he supports keeping a legal right to choose. But records show that in the '90s he contributed money at least six times to Planned Parenthood, one of the country's leading abortion rights groups and its top provider of abortions.

Federal tax returns made public by the former New York mayor show that he and his then-wife, Donna Hanover, made personal donations to national, state and city chapters of Planned Parenthood totaling $900 in 1993, 1994, 1998 and 1999.

The returns have been on the public record for years, but the detail about Giuliani's support for Planned Parenthood -- along with e-mailed copies of the returns -- was provided to The Politico by aides to a rival campaign, who insisted on not being identified.

Provided to The Politico by aides to a rival campaign??!?!?!?! Wow, what an interesting weapon in the battle of political mud-slinging.

UPDATE: Rudy defended his donations as consistent with his position on the Laura Ingraham radio show.

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Anonymous said...

It's an interesting question as to whether donors have a right to privacy in their choices of donations?