Monday, May 7

Update from the Team Approach User Forum

The 2007 Team Approach User Forum is underway in Cambridge this week.

Target President Lee Gartley, Chief Scientist Chuck Longfield, and Blackbaud CEO Marc Chardon began Monday's breakfast session by acknowledging that more than 100 days have passed since the two companies merged.

Whether they were intending to show their fearlessness or simply didn't consider the potential for an ackward backlash, they opened it up for questions and bravely passed an open mic through the crowd.

It didn't take long for several attendees to voice their concerns and need for public assurances. The simple fact is that Blackbaud has close to 15,000 clients and Team Approach (TA) has 80. Some clients still seem worried about what this will mean for software support.

In a rather blunt answer during his portion of the Q&A, Longfield made an analogy between Team Approach's recent improvements and home repairs. He said during recent years the improvements have been mostly cosmetic, similar to adding new layers of paint to the outside of a home - when what was really needed was new plumbing and wiring.

Now, I have to admit, I'm not that well versed in how the two database companies plan to integrate systems... but it seems like Longfield told the audience it will take two years to incorporate all the features of TA on to the Blackbaud platform.

Does anyone else have information on whether there is a date set for when Blackbaud plans to cease all support for Team Approach?


FR Rockstar said...

I can't see a date making a difference, there never really was in support for Team Approach in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to hear Chuck use the "new paint" example too... if I was an employee at TA during the past few years, I think I would have taken that personally.