Tuesday, May 8

Greenpeace survives Salvation Army shakedown

There is apparently an end to the embarrassing dispute brought by the Salvation Army over a $264 million estate left to eight charities by H. Guy Di Stefano.

Susan Gilmore at the Seattle Times reported on rumors of a settlement:

The Salvation Army would not say how the case was settled, but Tom Wetterer, attorney for Greenpeace, said his organization expects to get $27 million.
That would be about $6 million less than the original payout of $33 million each of the charities received when the will was read.


FR Rockstar said...

Talk about "Don't tell the donor", this is a story that was amazingly ignored by the media. One has to wonder how many other examples there are like this that are never heard of.

a fundraiser said...

Luckily... we have very good spies at Don't Tell the Donor who have their ears to the ground across the world.