Monday, November 20

Target supports Salvation Army, but not bell ringers

For the third straight holiday season, Target Corp. (like other malls featured on this blog) continues its policy of banning Salvation Army bell ringers from standing in front of its stores.

However, according to the Dallas Business Journal, the discount retailer is making a two-fold effort to support the charity in other ways.

Target said last week it is donating $1 million to the charity via an online version of the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program. The site raises money by allowing shoppers to buy and decorate a virtual angel ornament in return for a donation of any size. The money will be used by the Salvation Army to buy clothing, toys or food for needy families.

According to Reuters, David Blaine will be hoisted 40 feet above the ground just off New York's Times Square on Tuesday. Target Corp. has challenged the magician to escape from his position by 5 a.m. Friday. If he succeeds, Blaine will then accompany 100 families chosen by The Salvation Army on a $500 shopping spree at Target.

Blaine's previous stunts include 61 hours encased in a block of ice, one week buried in a coffin, and a failed attempt to escape a water globe. This time, the publicity hound will be secured in a three-ringed gyroscope spinning continuously in all directions.

I wonder if Blaine fails again, will the kids still get the money?

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This is what I think: David Blaine's Dive of Death