Sunday, November 19

Around the Fundraising Campfire
Stories of Dismal Failure, Near Misses, and Great Success

Cecilia Hogan is the Director of University Relations Research at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. She published an interesting article on the Information Today, Inc. website using a campfire metaphor to describe the inside story to headline donations.

Charity on this scale doesn’t just happen. In most cases, it represents the culmination of a direct and concerted effort on the part of the nonprofits who receive the assistance. Even in the case of natural disasters, many relationships between donors and nonprofits have been built long before the critical moment. The reputations of the receiving nonprofits have been well-established in the minds and hearts of major gift donors before the moment when support is needed.

In most cases, that big gift from an alumnus, former hospital patient, or museum patron begins months or even years before the public hears about the gift. And it often begins when the potential donor’s name draws the attention of a nonprofit researcher.

I was a little disappointed because the article uses generic examples instead of the inside stories and gossip the headline suggests. However, it's still a worthwhile read for a Sunday afternoon.

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