Monday, November 6

Standing out in the cold

Holiday Village Mall in Montana is under new management... and the new management has a policy that prevents nonretail groups from soliciting money at its malls. According to the Great Falls Tribune, two local charities (Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army) say their holiday fundraising efforts will be seriously impacted by the change.

The low-key Holiday Village table brought a lot of traffic and exposure to the program, he said. Last year mall shoppers contributed $1,500 in cash and donated 400 new toys worth at least $4,000, he said. Several needy parents stopped to ask Marine Corps veterans how their kids could get in the program.

Maj. Al Summerfield of the Great Falls Salvation Army estimated that bell-ringers collected $13,000 last year at the Holiday Village Mall. He said the three busy locations inside the mall were a favorite spot for the group's mostly older volunteers. Bell-ringers kept the noise down by substituting paper clips for clangers.

To help make up that lost revenue, Summerfield sent out letters to 100 local businesses asking them for help. The money raised goes for clothing, toys and holiday meals for low-income families.

Now, I know I've said before that I think cash bucket fundraising is stupid not very strategic. But, the only thing less strategic than collecting money from donors without capturing the name, address, email, phone, or other contact information would be the huge public relations blunder being made by mall managers. Make them fill out paperwork... maybe even force them to carry insurance... but holy heck... at least don't make them stand outside in the cold.

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kyna crain said...

That's not the only thing which changed with the new management.