Monday, August 11

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

For the seventh month in a row, the good folks at The NonProfit Times have published one of my columns on their web-exclusive editorial section. This month I focused on the struggle faced by fundraisers who are trying to raise money in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Despite the fact that I send out millions of pieces of direct mail every year – I don’t consider myself part of the junk mail industry. However, it doesn’t take “a fundraiser” to understand that sloppy attempts at sweeping reforms to “green-up” direct mail could very well be devastating for nonprofits that rely on it for lifesaving funds.

It’s hard for anyone to defend the staggering environmental damage from direct mail. I recently saw one Web site estimate that the average American receives 41 pounds of solicitation mail every year. That’s a lot of trees…and water… and oil… and toxic environmental by-products.

And for the kids who think direct mail is bad now… 20 years ago mail production was horrid.
You can read the rest of my post on the NPT website.

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