Sunday, August 17

For an unpopular guy, Bush sure is one heckuva fundraiser

From the Los Angeles Times:

"His approval rating is hovering about the 30% mark in most polls, about as low as Harry Truman's back in the day.

President Bush is still a muscular draw on the campaign trail, raking in roughly $70 million so far this year, according to a story on the president's fundraising prowess by the Associated Press. Among the hard-core, said California Democratic consultant Bill Carrick, "He's a bigger fundraising draw than [Republican John] McCain."

Tucked from view, often in private homes at events closed to the media, Bush has raised money for the Republican National Committee as well as House candidates in safely Republican districts. At one event, in Napa's exclusive St. Helena territory, Bush managed to raise $850,000 in 90 minutes -- almost $10,000 a minute (notcounting drive time)."

Some estimate that he has raised almost a billion dollars for the GOP during his two terms in the White House. That's unbelievable.

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