Sunday, November 25

"the silliness of the haters"

After months of trying to ignore Ron Paul, the grassroots fundraising strength of Paul's campaign to be the Republicans' nomination for President, have finally attracted enough attention to shift the level of attacks.

Recently, some conservative activist criticized Paul for accepting a donation from a Nevada brothel owner.

Paul's campaign was surprised to see Hof, flanked by two prostitutes, emerge from a limousine outside of Lawlor Events Center this morning. They arrived with MSNBC journalist Tucker Carlson, who has been traveling with Paul for a piece he's writing for the New Republic.

Ok, hang on a minute, this story was already funny enough but then Tucker Carlson shows up a bunch of hookers in tow, thinking this would be a good image for the campaign!

Some have asked, "Does this mean Ron Paul thinks brothels are a good idea?"

Lew Rockwell, former congressional chief of staff to Ron Paul. He runs a blog called the LRC Blog where he posted these reactions to the recent criticism on November 25 at 9:04 AM.

Well, No, it means that many diverse Americans think that perpetual war, a police state, income taxes, and the suppression of free speech and voluntary commerce are bad ideas.

When Christian Rightists demand that Ron return the money, and accuse him of approving prostitution if he doesn't, will we see the silliness of the haters?

It makes a good soundbite at a time Paul is getting lots of negative pressure despite his strong candidacy... but I don't agree that haters are being "silly," I think they are attempting to be strategic. And they have been very successful in that attempt.

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Sky Bluesky said...

Ron Paul's campaign reminds me of Gandhi's words of wisdom about campaigns:

First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win.

He's gotten through the first two stages. Now he's big enough to be a target. Let's see if he can pull off the improbable win.