Thursday, November 1

Perez slams Mario Lopez

From Perez Hilton:

Mario Lopez was scheduled to attend a benefit for victims of domestic violence and their children in his hometown of Chula Vista (San Diego) on Saturday, October 27th.

He was a no-show, has learned. And, what’s worse, he gave an awful excuse has a cover-up!

The Saved By The Bell and Dancing With the Stars blamed the local fires and displaced relatives – victims of the fires – as reason for his absence.

However, this week, video surfaced of Lopez dancing the night away at the Playboy Mansion’s Halloween party - the same night he was supposed to be at the benefit.

The 9th annual benefit raises money for children of Casas Seguras, a shelter for domestic violence victims. Lopez had shown much concern about helping children in his hometown.

Apparently he cared more about having a good time at the Playboy Mansion.

So many people were disappointed. He’d been advertised on their promotional materials and everything, which he had signed off on and was aware of.

And to use the fire as his excuse !!! Not very bright considering the press about Hef’s Halloween party is everywhere!


janis gordon said...

Mario, You are such a disappointment, in my opinion. I've been working w/ South Bay Community Services as a volunteer for months now. We've received money and such w/ the promise that you would show at our fund raiser. It's such a disappointment to see where your priorities are. These people bust their asses to feed and clothe these victims Glad you had a wonderful time at the Playboy Mansion, asshole

Janis Gordon--Point Loma, Volunteer

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