Saturday, November 3

Dodd team uses email chain

Fresh off his embarrassing fundraising scheme to raffle off a Boston Red Sox ticket to the World Series, Senator Dodd is at it with another unique fundraising strategy:

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, lagging far behind the leading Democratic challengers in the fundraising race, tried a chatty strategy on Thursday in an e-mail with the subject line: "Fw: Re: Update?"

The e-mail purports to pass along an e-mail chain that includes messages between two staff members, Tim Tagaris and campaign manager Sheryl Cohen.

First, Cohen asks Tagaris for an update on online fundraising that has been requested by Dodd. Then, Tagaris sends a glowing report to Cohen. Next, Dodd, forwards their e-mail to his "friends," explaining: "I asked my campaign manager for an update on what we accomplished online during the month of October, and I was so pleased with her response that I wanted to make sure you saw the e-mail chain."
Thanks to Nancy Benac for the tip.

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