Tuesday, November 6

Nonprofit Times gets Austin to comment on Convio breach

Mark Hrywna at the Nonprofit Times got some more details from Convio:

“It was a very sophisticated attack. It took us longer than we would have liked to recognize,” said Convio CEO Gene Austin. Some of the tasks the intruder performed were routine, as if it was an administrator on the system, he said.

The intruder attempted to harm a donation page for a site “and that obviously is a nonstandard process very different from normal. Once that happened, we clearly knew something was wrong and caught them,” Austin said. The intruder began the attack by being routine, and now “we’re watching those standard routines much, much more closely,” he said.
Wow. A smart hacker, huh? But there is more:
“We immediately spent that night (Nov. 1), and most of the second, understanding the issues as well as eliminating any access points for further intrusion,” Austin said, and the rest of the weekend notifying clients. Each of the communications gave organizations tips on how to communicate and work with their constituents, including recommendations on changing their password and an 800-number to handle future questions.

Since the breach did not involve financial or personal information, it might not be a priority for the FBI, but Convio has submitted everything to authorities, as well as launching its own forensic investigation. “We’re starting to getting pieces of information this week, but we will not have a full picture for two or three weeks. We’ve installed additional monitoring, and doing a number of things to over-tighten the environment. The root cause will not be known until later this month,” he said.

“The most important thing for us now is to focus on clients and make sure they are on their feet as soon as possible,” Austin said. “Certainly we understand they trust us to manage this data. That trust has taken a little hit, and it’s important to regain and rebuild it.”
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Mike H said...

i bet that wasn't a fun night for the folks in programming...