Wednesday, November 7

CARE notifies its donors of security breach

Jeff Herrity at RedBoots Digitial Rodeo shares his experience after getting an email from CARE and he makes the following observation:

Remember though, it it not their fault - but that of Convio who should be doing more to protect the data of it’s customers. A larger percentage of the bigger non-profits use Convio, so the problem could be wider than anticipated. And we could see a temporary increase in spam, and a decrease in overall responses over the next few weeks. (During this important year-end giving season).
Do you agree with Jeff that the timing of this breach could hurt year-end giving?


Karen R said...

I think all this attention might be bad for all nonprofit giving this holiday season... not the increase in SPAM.

COnvio did a great job notifying their clients so quickly. We should be grateful they jumped on this as quick as they did.

Sandy Rees said...

I think it will have a negative impact on all charitable giving online for those people who hear about it. It's unfortunate that it happened during prime fundraising season.