Tuesday, July 3

How Fred Thompson pushed Bush to commute Libby's prison sentence

Late Monday, Ted Wells, the attorney for Lewis "Scooter" Libby, issued this statement:

“Mr. Libby and his family wish to express their gratitude for the President’s decision today. We continue to believe in Mr. Libby’s innocence. Scooter and his family appreciate the many Americans who have supported them over the last two years.”
Many pundits may spend the 4th of July holiday debating Bush's constitutional right to commute the sentence of a convicted felon. However, I think the real story is in the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Trust, the group that has been "shaking down Republican donors" to help secure his release.

Former Senator Fred Thompson played a major role... even hosting two fundraising events. The Nation had this to say:

According to Thompson, in a speech delivered May 12 to the Council for National Policy, "I didn't know Scooter Libby, but I did know something about this intersection of law, politics, special counsels and intelligence. And it was obvious to me that what was happening was not right. So I called him to see what I could do to help, and along the way we became friends. You know the rest of the story: a D.C. jury convicted him."

Whatever the facts of their relationship, however, there is no debating Thompson's loyalty to Libby. He is the leading proponent of a presidential pardon for the convicted felon. And he regularly uses his prominence as a TV lawyer to accuse the man who brought Libby to justice, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, of "perverting the rule of law."

In the faux-conservative circles that define the modern Republican Party, Thompson is more closely associated with the defense of the disgraced White House aide than with any particular stand on the issues facing the nation. That's one of the reasons why so many of the true believers in the Bush presidency are so very enthusiastic about Thompson's now likely candidacy to replace Bush.

Time to celebrate Sen. Thompson... your wish may have come true, but it may cost you your campaign at the same time.


Winghunter said...

LOL! What a bunch of DROOL!

Fred has forgotten more about the circumstances of this type of witch-hunt than you could ever possibly know!

When Fred saw an injustice he worked to correct it without even knowing the man...THAT'S what a REAL PRESIDENT is!

I'm truly amazed that mental midgets like you think there is no price for half-truths and lies as I'm positive you fully know what you're doing...your time to pay up is coming.

ReoublicanWomenAgainstFredThompson said...

I am Bush supporter and I cant stand Fred Thompson. I think he is nothing but a grimy sleasy lawyer lobbyist who has a fetish for young women. I wont vote for him in the primary and I sure as hell wont vote for him in the general.

Anonymous said...

“Scooter” Libby Is A Pawn in the Cheney/Neocon Foreign Policy Cabal

As President, Bush certainly has the right to pardon Libby but this disregard for the will of the majority of Americans in this situation is just business as usual for the politicians of both political parties. For too long they have generally ignored the will and views of productive, working Americans for the powerful special interests that control both political parties.

It is time to take control of Washington away from the special interests and return to a decentralized, limited federal government controlled by the voters. The best way to accomplish this is politically through the Ron Paul Campaign and by education of the American public on the benefits of direct democracy and limited confederation government like our first central government, The Articles of Confederation.

For more information, review the free, online book, “The Swiss Preserve Solution” which highlights how Swiss style confederation government and direct democracy could restore limited government to the United States. Read Restoring America's Original Republic with the Swiss Confederation Institute at http://www.swissconfederationinstitute.org/swisspreserve41.htm

a fundraiser said...

Someone accused me of being too partisan in this post about Scooter being sprung from jail by Bush.

No way.

This isn't about politics at all. This is worse than Paris Hilton being let out of jail early.

...and besides, even if you disagree, saying something like "your time to pay up is coming" sounds like a threat to me winghunter.