Tuesday, July 3

Fed up with "donors" leaving trash

Marsha Wiseman of Muskogee, Oklahoma is less than charmed with some of her disgusting neighbors. In an editorial to the Muskogee Phoenix, she writes about the lack of respect by some of her fellow residents:

Just past the beautiful part of the walking path, the pond is littered with trash. All across the city, people park cars in their yards. I shouldn’t be surprised they don’t respect city property. Apparently, they don’t respect their own.

Worst, and saddest, are the disgusting “donations” people dump at a charity donation box on York Street. The large, red bin with doors asks for used clothing and shoes, but repeatedly people donate what appears to be their trash instead — not inside the bin, but outside it, so the whole community can experience their thoughtlessness.

I’ve seen used Christmas trees, tires, filthy and damaged furniture, piles of stuff left in the rain for stray dogs to pilfer through. This donation bin is provided for a non-profit agency. How could anyone think the agency has the means to haul off junk? I’m convinced people who so carelessly dump their stuff in this manner do so as a convenience to themselves, not as a true act of charity.
Go here to read the rest of the letter.

I wonder if Marsha is affiliated in any way with the people who run the donation box. If not, I'm even more impressed with her letter to the editor. You tell 'em Marsha!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the kind of letter my grandmother would write.

Anonymous said...

HAHA... it looks like Ken ripped off your story idea and got credit for it in the Chronicle!