Monday, July 9

The exhibition hall

There are 107 companies in the exhibition hall. From the gossip I hear, many vendors felt that last year the Bridge Conference did a poor job of encouraging attendees to stop by and talk to vendors.

I can understand the point. The companies pay a decent amount of money to set-up a display for the two day conference. To leave without a decent list of leads would be a huge waste of time & money.

However, I'm afraid they may have over compensated this year. First of all, there is more than an hour and a half between each of the three breakout sessions. Granted, the breaks are billed as lunch and dessert breaks - but they are served (where else) in the exhibit hall - and are 90 minutes each!

As if there isn't enough time already devoted to networking and hospitality. My suggestion would be to have four sessions each day - that way there wouldn't be so many different tracks going on at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

It's definetly been slow in the exhibit hall all day long.