Wednesday, June 27

Will Edwards miss Q2 fundraising goal?

Randy Lilleston hints that Edwards is about to report a miss over at the USA Today's On Politics blog:

There's some back-of-the-hand math being performed in the media and blogosphere over an e-mail recently sent out by Joe Trippi, a senior adviser on John Edwards' campaign, in which he tells supporters the campaign is two-thirds of the way to its $9 million goal for the quarter. The problem: The quarter's almost over.

The Hill notes today that: 1) This gives Edwards only nine days to raise $3 million and 2) even the $9 million number would be $5 million less than Edwards raised in the first quarter.

Edwards' campaign, in return, tells The Hill their fundraising is going according to plan.

Rumors have been circulating all week. made similar calculations yesterday, while earlier this week reported Edwards is refocusing on New Hampshire and is on track to raise considerably less this quarter than last.

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