Thursday, June 28

Is Romney facing a drop-off?

You know it must be the end of a fundraising quarter for presidential candidates when a group like the DNC takes the effort to issue a press release pointing out that a specific candidate is struggling to raise money for the Republican nomination:

One day after the New York Times reported that smooth talking Mitt Romney is facing "a fund-raising drop- off for this quarter," Romney brings his struggling campaign fundraising team back to New York City today. The situation has gotten so bad for Romney that he was forced to admit during his campaign's latest splashy national call day event -- an event that raised $5 million less than a similar event in the first quarter -- that he will once again dip into his personal fortune to fund his campaign. In January, Romney said taking such a step "would be akin to a nightmare," a statement he made AFTER loaning himself $2.35 million in what he called "seed money." [AP,4/3/07] Asked why he decided to re-live that particular nightmare, Romney said: "Because I have to, all right?" [New York Times, 6/27/07] Reports indicate Romney is on pace to raise just two-thirds of his first quarter fundraising total. [New York Times, 6/27/07]

Romney's fundraising troubles come as he continues to lag far behind the Republican front runners. Despite the fact that Romney has spent more than $4 million in television ads, the latest Rasmussen poll of Republican primary voters shows that just 12 percent support Romney -- 15 points behind Fred Thompson, who isn't even in the race yet. [Rasmussen Report,6/26/07]

"Mitt Romney is having a tough time on the campaign trail and in the fundraising race because the more the voters see him, the more they see through his smooth talk and flip-flops," said Democratic National Committee spokesman Damien LaVera.
"Romney still hasn't figured out that the American people want strong and decisive leaders who respect the voters enough to defend their real record, not try to smooth talk their way out of it."

Yes folks, sometimes it's all about the expectations game... but other times - it's just about kicking a guy while he's down. Don't worry too much, Mitt has good friends to turn to.

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