Saturday, June 2

Romney Pledges Salary to Charity if Elected President

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is citing the Associated Press by reporting:

Mr. Romney said he would likely accept the presidential salary of $400,000 annually but would donate the money to charity. While serving as governor of Massachusetts, he declined his $135,000 annual salary.

I guess that's pretty easy when you have assets estimated at $190-million to $250-million.


Anonymous said...

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Jeremy Gregg said...

Wow... interesting idea. I happen to think that all politicians' salaries should be tied to the median wage in America.

Which, among other reasons, is probably why I'll never get elected to office.

Jeremy Gregg
Editor, The Raiser's Razor

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree -- while it's easy to ridicule Romney for refusing the salary his office pays, why take that tack? Why not say, now here's a guy who knows he makes enough money and doesn't need the income from this job. At least he is treating the position like that of a civil servant as opposed to a lifelong career that will net him book options for years to come. I see his refusal of the salary as a good thing, and I'd like to know under what circumstances his critics would agree with me.