Friday, June 8

Red Sox whiners for charity

Yankee fans have accused the Red Sox players and fans of being whiners for a long time.

Players Manny Ramirez, Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield proved it recently by teaming up with a pair of Massachusetts wine importers to produce three Red Sox-themed wines, which are being sold throughout New England with the profits going to charity.

ABC News reports:

Alex Graff and John Corcoran began Charity Wines in collaboration with the baseball fundraising group Charity Hop and Major League Baseball to create Longball Vineyards, a venture combining their passions for wine, baseball and philanthropy.

"We had done a lot of charity wine tastings but [were] looking to do something a bit bigger," Graff told ABC News Now.

Each player picked a different charity, Wakefield's "CaberKnuckle" is supporting the New England charity Pitching In for Kids; Ramirez's "Manny Being Merlot" and will benefit Charlee Homes for Children, and Schilling Schardonnay will support Curt's Pitch for ALS.

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