Thursday, June 7

NAACP cuts 40% of staff - blames fundraising

The Associated Press is reporting that the NAACP will cut its staff from 119 to 70 and close, at least temporarily, its seven regional offices to cover three years of budget shortfalls. The article quotes interim president and chief executive officer Dennis Hayes.

"We had the unexpected departure of our CEO at a time when we were already without a chief development officer. So, understandably, we have to regenerate our revenue machine, our fundraising machine, to get us to where we should have been," Hayes said.
Hayes went on to say the organization has used about $10 million in reserve funds to cover shortfalls over the past three years.

"Gas is more expensive, the cost of living is higher, people are not giving as much as they used to," he said. "And membership, we always need more members. Our impression is we can improve and enhance the way we do things."
Ugh. Something makes me think increases in "gas" prices weren't nearly as important as not having a chief development officer.

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