Monday, February 5

WTC Memorial rejects donation from coin maker

The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation rejected a donation of more than $30,000 from a company that marketed 9/11 commemorative coins.

The company described the coins as minted from silver recovered at Ground Zero. It also claimed that "$5 of every commemorative order is donated to official 9/11 family charities and memorials."

However, according to David Seifman at the New York Post, it might not be so easy:

Joseph Daniels, the foundation's president and CEO, said the National Collector's Mint (NCM) in Port Chester sent in the contributions as part of a campaign to peddle a "Freedom Tower Silver Dollar" in late 2004.

"We weren't comfortable because of the history," said Daniels. "They were investigated by the Attorney General's Office and ended up settling."

While still Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer obtained this order in October 2005:
Supreme Court Justice Thomas McNamara has ordered Port Chester-based National Collectors Mint (NCM) to pay civil penalties totaling $369,510 in connection with its marketing and sale of its "Freedom Tower Silver Dollar."
In a subsequent legal decision, Justice Cannizzaro ordered the NCM to send corrective letters offering refunds to all their consumers who had purchased or ordered the coin. Consumers received $2.2 million as a result of refunds and cancellations pursuant to that order.
We all know how hard it has been to fundraise at the WTC Memorial. Seeing them reject this donation is admirable. If their stance against accepting donations from the vultures at the National Collector's Mint has motivated you to make your own donation - you can donate here.


Anonymous said...

How can we find out how many coins these guys actally sold? I wonder if they really paid out all that money. I the $30,000 offered to WTC was the total amount.. that would be 6,000 coins were sold. That sounds low for these vultures...

Dan T. said...

I always thought this was the Franklin Mint?