Monday, October 23

Bloomberg: No donations tied to conditions

Earlier this month, New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg was named chairman and chief fundraiser of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation. The memorial has struggled to raise money and has raised only $145 million of its $300 million goal. So, suffice it to say they could use some big donations.

Back in June of this year, foundation Board member Howard Lutnick (also CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, which lost 658 people on Sept. 11th) promised $25 million - but only under the condition that victims' names be grouped according to where they worked and died, and to list their ages, the company they worked for or the plane they were on.

The current plan -- favored by Bloomberg and Governor George Pataki -- calls for the victims' names to be listed in random sequence, which memorial architect Michael Arad has said would reflect the chaos of the day.

Bloomberg has come out publicly swinging against this potential donor by saying, "Nobody's going to dictate with cash what's the right thing to do." According to the Daily News, he went on to say, ""You just don't take donations tied to conditions," Bloomberg added, "nor does anybody who knows anything about philanthropy ask for that."

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