Wednesday, November 29

Quiz for fundraisers who use telemarketing

As readers to this blog know, I work as a direct marketing fundraiser for a nonprofit organization. Not only do I love the fundraising that my group does... I also love digging into other nonprofit fundraising programs. I give to several nonprofits (as you may have read on Duke Smith's Donor Insite blog) and I try to get myself seeded on as many direct mail lists as possible. And unlike Trent Stamp, I love to give to telemarketers. However, I ask the caller's really hard questions.

Last night I got a call from a telemarketer who was trying to convince me to give my gift via credit card. Which is great, I push my telemarketing vendors to put as many gifts on a credit card as possible... it's guaranteed money in the bank. When the caller got to his ask, I countered by offering either a pledge of $50 or a credit card gift of $25.

In my mind, there is only one rock solid answer to this question... but I'm going to wait until Friday to tell you what I think the answer is. Feel free to post your opinion in the comments.

And because I know that my family and other folks who know nothing about fundraising also visit this site... I'll even give you a clue... the original title of this post was going to be "Why Fundraisers Make Good Poker Players."

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