Thursday, November 30

Known by the company they keep

I read yesterday on The Agitator that Roger Craver and another Canadian, Mike Johnston of HJC New Media, and a group of folks from Craver, Mathews, Smith, Grenzebach Glier & Associates, Direct Advantage Marketing and The Share Group have formed a joint venture called The Legacy Giving Group.

They are argue that "the reality of legacy giving is that 95% percent of all 'planned gifts' come in the form of bequests by a simple will...averaging about $35,000." And these donors come in by direct mail and are easily cultivated with the right strategy.

They call it " an innovative approach at orchestrating a virtual symphony." But it sounds to me more like a fundraising dream team. The only one of those groups that I've never heard of is Grenzebach Glier & Associates, but they are keeping some darn good company... so they must be cool people who are definetly on the bus.

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