Friday, September 8

Share your secret

I've always been a big fan of the PostSecret Project and recently I've enjoyed some of the blog “On the D.L.,” that posts gossip items about the private lives of Major League Baseball players.

However, it was the New York Times article today on national marketing campaigns based on secrets that made me start thinking about a contest for Don't Tell the Donor readers. According to Stuart Elliott's article:

Secrets are at the center of a growing number of national advertising campaigns. In some instances, consumers are being invited to reveal personal secrets and disclose them publicly. In other cases, the marketers spill the beans, sharing with consumers what they describe as corporate secrets.
So, if you are a fundraiser, marketer, or nonprofit employee - tell us your secret. Email us at donttellthedonor (at) gmail (dot) com - we guarantee your anonymity. Go ahead, get it off your chest...

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