Thursday, September 7

Network for Good report creates buzz

I finally had a chance to read Network for Good's latest report on diaster giving after hearing the growing buzz for the past couple days.

Some of my favorite fundraising blogs rcently wrote about the report. The Editors at The Agitators had clear insight on their summary and the Nonprofit and Foundation Advocacy Blog cites the good folks at Philanthropy Journal for this quote:

"In response to the humanitarian crises of 2004 and 2005, online givers were fast and generous, a new report says. Network for Good, a nonprofit that processes online contributions to about 23,000 different charities, issued a report based on transactions it handled in response to the Asian tsunami in 2004 and last year's Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Pakistan."
Beth's blog had keen insight on the link between the type of online donors and disasters. Rcent media like the aricle written by Allan Turner at the Houston Chronicle seem to get the growing potential of online fundraising... but for me, one of the most interesting facts of the report was:

Finding #2: Disaster giving online follows a “fast but fleeting” pattern. The “impulse effect” spikes and drops within a short, 2- to 6-day timeframe.
You gotta be in it to win it... and in order to be in it... you need to prepare in advance.

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