Monday, August 21

How much does the punter cost?

Dave Wannstedt and his wife, the coach of the Pittsburgh University football team, donated $250,000 recently to the school's athletic program. Sure, that's a lot of money... but the bigger news story is the unique fundraising campaign put together by Pitt's athletic director and development office.

To fund all 85 football scholarships permitted by the NCAA, so school estimates that it needs an endowment that generates $2.1 million annually. The answer? "Pitt Football Endowed Position and Scholarship Program."

According to an article on the College Sports TV website, "Contributors will have the unique opportunity to attach their name to one of 24 starting positions on the Panthers' team (11 offense, 11 defense and two specialists)." Wannstedt's gift will endow the position of Pitt's starting left tackle - the position he played in the early 70s.

You can argue whether there are better uses of $2.1 million annually other than providing scholarships for 85 position players on a college football team... but there is no arguement that this is a cool fundraising idea.

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