Tuesday, August 22

House cleaning always helps me find surprises

Several friends to the Don't Tell the Donor family have pointed out some really interesting fundraising and donor blogs I've previously overlooked. So here are three sites with posts I found very interesting:

* The Donor Power Blog, which I assume is run by the folks at MERKLE l domain has practical hands on advice for all aspects of fundraising. But the current top post addresses an article in Target Marketing every direct marketer must read as they prepare year-end appeal plans. Bottom line is: stop putting low dollar donors in mail. They also have another post following a wrap up of a conference presentation from the last DMA Nonprofit Conference.

* Getting Attention! - an awesome blog that prides itself in "Helping Nonprofits Succeed Through Effective Marketing" posted several awesome findings from the DMA Nonprofit Conference in New York recently. Nancy E. Schwartz should be recognized for her ability to weed through all the boring crap in some of these sessions in order to really find the true nuggets. I recommend her article on "Making the Most of Online Fundraising."

* Last, but not least, the Nonprofit Blog Exchange has the making of something great. It's taken me months to cull through all the fundraising blogs on the web today... and I am sure I haven't scratched the surface. I plan on going to this site everyday - just hoping to see if they have updated content or to see if its blogroll has grown.

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