Tuesday, March 18

How did a "relative unknown" win $50k on Facebook?

This is an excellent article about how Love Without Boundaries won the top prize in an online contest sponsored by Facebook and Parade Magazine.

LWB provides medical treatment, nutrition programs, foster care and education for orphans and impoverished children in China... but they also do a damn fine job of recruiting volunteers like the Green Family.

Like many others, I am occasionally guilty of thinking of the web 2.0 social networking trend in fundraising as being geared toward younger supporters. I was blown away to read about how a 56 and 63-year-old couple runs LWB's eBay operation and recruited all those Facebook volunteers.

"Our biggest challenge came from the Students for a Free Tibet group," Green said. "Students are very computer-savvy and they're on them all the time. We're a 40-plus age-group organization and it was more work for us to get people on computers."
Thanks to Marge Neal at the Fredrick News-Post Online for bringing us this story.

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Anonymous said...

what?! no high priced e-fundraising director or outside consultant groups?!?!?! how on earth could they have won?