Friday, September 12

Story of Cindy McCain's disgraced charity gains attention

I'm not so arrogant to think that my story from last week finally prompted the mainstream media to pay attention to a huge story they have been ignoring... but I am just righteous enough to remind politicians that if they are going to brag about their philanthropic efforts starting a charity... they should be compelled to tell the rest of the story if it involves you getting your drugs from a charity that you put at risk:

A doctor with McCain's medical charity who supplied her with prescriptions for the drugs lost his license and never practiced again. The charity, the American Voluntary Medical Team, eventually had to be closed in the wake of the controversy. Her husband was forced to admit publicly that he was absent much of the time she was having problems and was not aware of them.

"So many lives were damaged by this," said Jeanette Johnson, whose husband, John Max Johnson, surrendered his medical license. "A lot of good people. Doctors who volunteered their time. My husband. I cannot begin to tell you how painful it was. We moved far away to start over."

McCain's addiction also embroiled her with one of her charity's former employees, Tom Gosinski, who reported her drug use to the DEA and provided prosecutors with a contemporaneous journal that detailed the effects of her drug problems.
But if you still think my outrage is over the line.. please... keep emailing me.


Crush said...

Drug addiction is a serious problem. Cindy McCain should tell the whole story and offer a full accounting of everything that took place. If there is nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a problem. By opening up and sparing no details, her story can serve to benefit many around the world suffering under similar circumstances.

Terri said...

I see it as a warning to all non-profits.

We do everything we can to placate our major donors and to keep our Trustees happy.

This is the ultimate in cautionary tales on where it can lead...