Tuesday, June 17

Have you seen Victoria Tanner?

Police in Ohio are looking for a 12-year-old girl who goes by the name Victoria Tanner. The girl is accused of scamming "hundreds of people out of hundreds of dollars" by claiming to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

NewsNet 5 showed this video to viewers today. Scam victims say they believe the girl is being coached to enter a restaurant, ask permission to solicit funds, and promise season passes to an area amusement park. Some police even think the girl's parents are coaching her.

"She tells you that her dad manages Cedar Point and will give you a free season pass for $40," Heather Lobello of All Paws Pet Grooming in Parma said. "I've been waiting for over a week to hear from her or get the tickets. When I called the number she gave me -- a bogus number -- the person on the other end said 'you've probably been scammed.'"
The charity is not receiving the money and the donors are not receiving the amusement park passes (big shocker!). The scam has covered a 360 square mile area over the past week.

In related news... I bought some magic beans from a guy near my office yesterday. He told me that it was worth paying $40 for the handful of beans because they would grow some huge stalk to take me to magical places... as of yet - no stalk.

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