Thursday, June 5

Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

The newest Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants for this week is up over at Fundraising Breakthroughs... and even though they rejected my post again this week... I think it is always a great roundup of great posts you might have missed.

Even though "carnivals" are popular for any theme of blog subject category... it always makes me snicker thinking of that word because as most of us fundraisers know... working with nonprofit consultants IS sometimes like BEING at a carnival.

What booth would your consultants work at if they really were on a carnival midway? Would they be selling cotton candy and junk food? Would they be heckling you into the guess your weight game? Or maybe they would be the creepy guy trying to get you to play some game that is rigged against you?


Anonymous said...

my grant writing consultant is more like the bearded lady!

Jessica W. said...

When I was a kid and we would go to the Carnival, my favorite attraction was the "House of Mirrors." That was most of my meetings with consultants has been like over the past several years.