Monday, May 19

Talk to Seth Godin on Tuesday

Long time readers of this blog will remember that I credit Seth Godin with giving me my first real traffic spike. And even though his Squidoo project seems to be taking longer than most thought to grow, many nonprofit fundraisers seem to think of him as a marketing guru.

The folks over at are hosting an online discussion with Seth tomorrow (Tuesday, May 20th) starting at noon. You can find out more here.

Maybe I should ask him whether the ideas for his most recent blog post on conferences were "borrowed" from my article back in April in the NonProfit Times...

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"a fundraiser" said...

I should have made it clear that I am also one of those fundraisers who thinks Seth Godin really is a marketing guru.

If you want proof, just type the word "seth" into Google and see how well optimized his name is. The man has created a virtual brand out of his own name.