Sunday, May 18

Fundraising body releases code of practice for "chuggers"

The Institute of Fundraising (IoF) is the professional body that represents 4500 individual fundraisers and 250 organizational members in the UK.

The IoF just released a new draft code of practice on face-to-face fundraising, a practice known to some as "chugging" because it can be perceived as charity mugging on the street.

For the first time, the code includes rules on the practice of prospecting - where fundraisers take down potential donors' details but not initially their money.

"Previously, only those who took money or were active in getting people to sign up for direct debits were required to follow the IoF code. During the initial F2F conversation, fundraisers are now required to "acknowledge the possibility of a subsequent financial commitment request".

Mick Aldridge, Chief Executive of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association, said that the body had seen a desire from local authorities who claimed that prospecting "looks like fundraising" and therefore needed to be included under regulatory guidelines."

Now that the draft is released, the IoF will begin a 12 week public consultation period until August 8th. If you want to give your input, go here.


Family Home Hebron said...

Good article!

Pigtown-Design said...

it took me about a month to realize that the people mumbling "bgshuuu" were really hawking the Big Issue, a newspaper by and for those sleeping rough (homeless) in the UK.