Wednesday, April 30

Where will you donate your $600 tax rebate check?

Okay folks, it's time for an interactive post that requires feedback from loyal readers of Don't Tell the Donor. A good friend forwarded me an article by Stephanie Strom at the New York Times who wrote about the opportunities for charities who plan to ask supporters to donate their $600 rebate check.

I'm asking readers to post a comment with the best fundraising pitch they've seen from nonprofits. If you can include a link, that's great... if it's an email you received, please include the charity's name and copy and paste some of the text.

The Times article spends too much time quoting the fundraising consultant Robert Sharpe and only three weak examples are cited from:

* The VFW National Home for Children
* Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches
* Peace Action

...but I know this audience can compile a good list of which organizations are on the creative cutting edge by offering donors an easy way to donate their rebate.


Anonymous said...

The Georgia Women Vote blog is asking folks to donate 10% to their favoirte democratic candidate:

Harold M. said...

This man in Cincinnati, Ohio named Klingler has started a pledge campaign in hopes of getting some residents to donate their economic stimulus rebate check to save the building at 1502 Vine Street.

"a fundraiser" said...

A North Charleston city councilman plans to give his economic stimulus check from the federal government to charities.

Councilman Ed Astle, who lives off Dorchester Road, plans to give his $600 to Metanoia, Lowcountry Food Bank and Trident Literacy.

He said he could spend it, but he believes all the money would go to China, so he decided to donate it to three local charities that help with leadership, hunger and illiteracy at home.

He challenged other council members to do the same thing.

CA girl said...

Hi "Fundraiser,"

What a fun game you are holding!! I recommend people look at what they are doing in Fresno.

Anonymous said...

Give it to Ron Paul.

Pigtown-Design said...

I am a fundraiser for a small non-profit in Baltimore. We sent a postcard to all of our donors. It had two adorable girls on the front, with the caption, "Do you have ESP? Will you please share it with us?" When you turn the card over, it talks about the Economic Stimulus Plan (EPS) and donating it to our charity. The cards were mailed on Monday, 4-28 and the whole project cost less than $400 including postage.

Anonymous said...

Children International made a pitch for it on their blog, featuring the problem of kids on their waiting list for sponsorship.

JBK said...

Anonymous said...

Here is an email I got from Greenpeace:

Green your rebate

Over the next few weeks many of us may receive $600 checks from "Uncle Sam" as part of the government's economic stimulus plan.

Wal-Mart will cash those checks for free, Radio Shack will give you a discount if you pay with your stimulus check, and numerous other stores are offering similar gimmicks.

Well, Greenpeace has an offer for you too, but it's no gimmick - some of your green, for a greener planet. Your generous gift today, can ensure that we all have a greener, cleaner and safer tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

In early March our congregation approved an open letter to elected officials which included our pledge to give away our tax rebates to organizations that foster justice. That statement, along with a news story, is posted on our website:

Ken Sehested, co-pastor, Circle of Mercy

Susan DeRosa said...

"Dale Adamy already knows how he is going to spend his economic stimulus check coming later this month.

A longtime Fort Collins resident, Adamy said he has heard and read much about nonprofits in the area over the years and wanted to find a way he could help out."

Anonymous said...

All of you are out of touch. Major donors didn't receive an ESP- they make too much money.