Thursday, April 3

They are coming to eat your lunch

For years I have heard Americans who work as fundraisers for national advocacy groups discuss whether it would work if they decided to raise money internationally. Usually, such conversations hit a snag when people start asking about postage for international mailings or some other such concern.

The usual conclusion is that "we'll think about it later when we have more time." (Ironically, that's also the same conclusion reached when big groups try to consider whether they should reach out in Spanish to potential immigrant populations within the United States.)

I don't think this procrastination is simplybecause people are lazy... often the concerns and cost/benefit questions are valid... however, I mention all of this because I've had more than one person comment to me about the high number of foreigners at this year's AFP Conference.

So, while fundraisers rarely admit publicly that they view themselves as competitors to each other, I thought I would warn you... those foreign nonprofits are coming to eat your lunch (and steal your donors)... so be prepared.

Chapel & York announced recently that they are holding a series of seminars entitled, "Fundraising from America." The seminars will be held in London to coincide with their publication, "Directory of American Grantmakers 2008-09."

Globization can be a bitch if you are caught unprepared.

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