Friday, April 18

Fundraising plan to use erotic calendars backfires

I read a funny story today about these seven middle-aged Spanish moms who posed for a tongue-in-cheek erotic calendar as fundraiser for their children's tiny, rural school. Unfortunately, the plan backfired and now they are saddled with debt and 5,000 unwanted copies.

One of the photos shows the mothers with discreetly placed Christmas tinsel as their only garb. Other goofy poses include a shotgun-toting mom wearing only a fox pelt, and another covering her body with a red umbrella.
Goofy? That's one way to put it.

I've got no problem with middle-aged moms poising for goofy calendars. I actually think it's kinda funny. But I do have a problem with half ass "fundraising" ideas that focus too much on the goofy stuff and not enough on the necessary planning and budgeting stuff. The AP article goes on to say:

The calendars came out in November and at first were a big hit. But the plan fizzled. The women acknowledge being amateurs in publishing and advertising, and they missed the Christmas shopping rush. Now, sales of the $8 calendar have dried up and they owe a printer nearly $16,000.
Unfortunately, these moms are now up against an insurmountable enemy... a ticking clock. A lot of amateur fundraising plans fail to account for "time" in their hastily arraigned plans. And for every day that passes their problem gets bigger.


Anonymous said...

I love the fur.

Phil Deely said...

I saw the calendar approach backfire at a school where the board/staff posed for beefcake pix and lots of parents found the effort cheesy and self-indulgent. Calendars work best for volunteer fire departments and the like.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I fail to see the funny element in this story - at what point am I supposed to laugh? that the children still dont have their schools or that proactivity and the good intention of the mothers now left them with a staggering debt, frustration and who knows what...

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I fail to see the funny element in this story. At what point am I supposed to laugh -that the children still dont have their school or that proactivity and good intention now left the mothers with a staggering debt, pressure, not to mention about the impact on the printer. The fur is funny though