Tuesday, April 8

Blackbaud blogs live from their own conference

Steve MacLaughlin, the Director of Internet Solutions at Blackbaud, offers some live blogging from the 2008 Team Approach User Forum on his blog, Connections.

I think live blogging from conferences is great. It offers fundraisers like myself a free opportunity to learn what's going on even when they aren't able to attend. I've previously posted that I was happy to see Team Approach uploading all the session PowerPoints online for anyone to review the information on their own... plus, as an added benefit, you don't need to endure any painful networking events where you need to meet a bunch of sales folks.

Looking at his blog, it seems like Mr. MacLaughlin's travel schedule is pretty hectic. In the past three weeks he has traveled in NTEN in New Orleans, AFP in San Diego, and this conference in Boston. Yikes!

Although, it must be difficult for an employee of Blackbaud's like Steve to write his honest opinions about session where Lee Gartley (President, Target Analytics and Target Software), Marc Chardon (CEO, Blackbaud), and Chuck Longfield (Target Founder and Blackbaud Chief Scientist) present.

His reviews of all the sessions are very positive. Hopefully, this blog will be a good reference in the future.

UPDATE 4/9/08: I guess I should have kept that more of a secret, it looks like access to the Target site is now restricted.

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Marc A. Pitman said...

Just got back from a Blackbaud conference in Montreal. A bunch of us, including Steve, pretty much tweeted throughout.

A first for me. Definitely added to the conference!