Thursday, March 6

Obama's got over 1 million donors

This is a clip from an email Barack Obama sent out this afternoon:

But today I want to share another staggering number: supporters like you donated more than $55 million to this campaign in the month of February.

That's a humbling achievement, and I am very grateful for your support.

No campaign has ever raised this much in a single month in the history of presidential primaries. But more important than the total is how we did it -- more than 90% of donations were $100 or less, and more than 385,000 new donors in February pushed us past our goal of more than 1,000,000 people owning a piece of this campaign.
I think we can all agree we are past the point where comparing totals matters, but if you like horse race coverage (or if you are an obsessive fundraiser), Hillary announced last week that she raised $35 million in the month.

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Sam Davis said...

Like much of what the Three Senators say, Obama's letter contained some pure nonsense.

My favorite is "1,000,000 people owning a piece of this campaign."

No, they don't own a piece of your campaign, Barack, they've just given you money. Your campaign is about you becoming president, pure and simple.

Painting his campaign in nearly-religious imagery, with speeches remisicent of Old Testament prophets and Baptist preachers, Obama continues to portray his bid for the presidency as something greater than it is.

Clinton and McCain are of course doing the same thing. It works well for fundraising with novice donors who don't demand accountability and who, after the campaign is finished, will have to wait four years to call the winner to account.

The losers, of course, will never be called to account (unless they did something illegal and end up explaining to the FEC.)

And, of course, your contribution to a political campaign or party is not tax-deductible.