Saturday, March 22

Tale of two special events

Joanne Fritz at shares an interesting comparison of two special events she recently attended.

One of them had a well known actress to talk to the crowd, but no one seemed to tell her to link her lurid life story to the charity's mission. It was so bad, she writes, "I excused myself and hung out in the restroom until I thought the guest speaker was probably done with her awful speech."

The other special event did a magnificent job of weaving together the event with the audience and the mission of the organization. Go here to read her comparison of the vastly different events.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the analysis of what’s a good speaker and what isn’t–with one major caveat: which got more people through the door. Sometimes we plan the special program with the great speaker/program which ties to the mission but people would rather pay to hear the celebrity. As organizations try to expand their donor bases, they might want to go for the celeb and then work hard to make sure other parts of the program sell the mission and the organization’s good works . . .
Just a thought.