Thursday, March 6

eBay enforces mandatory charity donation on ticket sales

About a year ago, this blog wrote about how eBay reacted to scalpers selling charity concert tickets above face value by requiring them to donate 20% of the final sale price to good causes through their charity fundraising platform.

Well yesterday, I read on some British fundraising news sites that eBay decided has completed pilot programs and liked the results. Mark Lewis, UK managing director of eBay, told reporters:

"Last year we worked with the organisers of Live Earth to enable the nominated charity, Stop Climate Chaos, to raise an additional £30,000 by partnering with eBay on the resale of tickets. I am pleased to announce our plan to roll out similar fundraising initiatives for other major charity concerts on the UK site, and we will also introduce a ban on the sale of tickets for events where all the tickets are free as we have seen, for example, for various awareness raising events."
eBay said this means the charity stands to gain twice -- firstly from the original sale of the ticket and then from its resale.

I tried emailing the company, but it seems to me they are only doing on the UK version of eBay. Does anyone know if this rule applies for eBay here in the United States?

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