Monday, March 31

Donor envelope stuffed with feces

How bad has fundraising gotten the for National Republican Congressional Committee?

The New York Times details the steps being taken by Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole. The 58-year-old is a year into his term as chairman of the N.R.C.C.

Apparently, when he got there, things were pretty bad.

Many conservative activists have become so dissatisfied with the party’s heresies, particularly on immigration and government spending, that as Cole’s staff took over, the committee’s fund-raising pleas were being ignored and, on at least one occasion, returned in an envelope stuffed with feces.
Ewwwww. That's nasty. I've seen angry donors send back lots of "crap" in those business reply envelopes... but never actual crap!

Worse still, the National Republican Congressional Committee recently discovered, during an internal audit, accounting fraud so extensive that it had to call in the F.B.I., which is now investigating embezzlement by the committee’s former treasurer.


Polly-Vous Francais said...

Incredible story.

Maybe for the label for this post, you might put the letter 'p' before the 'oops'!

"a fundraiser" said...

HAHAHAHA Polly. That's great. Toilet humor always drives site traffic.

Peter said...

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Anonymous said...

yuck... although ironic that donors gave back what republican politicans have been giving us for the past 8 years!!