Saturday, March 8

Clinton uses "monstergate" for fundraising pitch

The Clinton campaign has shown an impressive ability to turn insults around quickly into fundraising pitches. From today's Washington Post:

Mere moments after foreign policy advisor Samantha Power resigned for calling Clinton a "monster," Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe sent out an e-mail far and wide alerting anyone with money to make a contribution now -- "even as little as $5" -- to "stop the Obama attacks."

"Just one day after Senator Obama promised to begin attacking Hillary, a senior Obama advisor has called her a 'monster,'" McAuliffe wrote, adding in bold letters for emphasis: "That's right -- a 'monster.'"
Readers of this blog will recall that Clinton did the same thing last July when a fashion reporter commented on Clinton's display of cleavage during a Senate floor debate, the campaign fired off this reply.

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