Monday, February 4

Where do the pre-printed Patriots t-shirts go?

Immediately after the New York Giants won the Super Bowl last night, the players were given Championship t-shirts and hats.

I couldn't help think about all those people who assumed the New England Patriots were going to win and probably printed all the shirts and hats over the past couple weeks. Did you ever wonder where the unused (and incorrectly printed) t-shirts go?

Well, it turns out that a smart nonprofit already thought of an idea for that:

International Christian agency World Vision and the National Football League are continuing their long partnership to provide pre-prepared memorabilia designed to congratulate the losing team on their win to needy families around the world. This year, children in Nicaragua, Romania, and several other countries will be the recipients of the donation.
I guess that means that in developing countries around the world, a couple weeks from now there are kids walking around who are wearing what Tom Brady thought he would be wearing late last night.


Brady sucks said...

It looks like the Boston Globe might have gotten ahead of themselves by marketing pre-sales of a book on the Patriots 19-0 season.

Dewey beats Truman anyone?

Chuck Warpehoski said...

Good idea, but what I wonder is what impact this has on the local economies where the shirts are distributed. Cheap US castoffs have put seamstresses in Nicaragua out of business. I've heard similar accounts in Camaroon.

Does the advantage of the clothing outweigh the economic damage? I guess the blog title is right, when it comes to questions like that, don't tell the donor.

Jason said...

Here's the updated URL from the Christian Post (the one in the blog entry doesn't work anymore).

(Gee, the layout of the "Christian Post" looks suspiciously like that of the New York Times' website... Isn't "Thou shalt not steal [code]" a commandment?)