Friday, February 22

Special report: Donation jars - charity or scam?

Eric Rucker is a reporter for KTVZ in Oregon.

After reading his "special report" on donation jars, I'm not sure if he is an idiot or just a really lazy writer. Check out for yourself how this brainiac decided to bring hard hitting journalism to the world of philanthropy:

In a day and age when a credit or debit card swipe is more popular than a dollar bill, extra change may not always weigh down your pant pockets.

But if you do pay in cash, you're bound to get some change.

You could, say, create your own change jar.

Or donate it to the charitable jar right in front of you - and many do.

"People are pretty generous here in Bend," said Bend's Galveston Avenue 7-Eleven owner, Brian Longerbeam.

But if you do add some of your money to the collection jar, are you helping a charity, or supporting a scam?

NewsChannel 21 wanted to find out.

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